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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2017-11-01 15:24:45
글제목  2017 UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop for developments of STPs in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution

2017 UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop for

developments of STPs in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution

(Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 13 September 2017) The UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop was held with the theme of 'Science & Technology Park Development Strategy in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution' to share and educate strategies of sustainable regional development through the development of STPs.

The 2017 UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop, a capacity building program for sustainable regional development of developing countries, contributed to share and educate strategies for developments of STPs in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution. The program consists of two keynote lectures and two following sessions ㅡ with three speakers and two discussants for each. The topics for each sessions are: 'Choosing Strategies for STP Development in Response to the Changes of Innovation Policy' and 'Promotion of Start-up through STP base University-Industry-Institute Collaboration'. 

The main target for the program is STPs administrators and managers in developing countries, local and central governments officials those involved in science and technology innovation policies. This year, we had 110 participants from 28 countries; 90 of them(excluding the speakers and organizers) completed this educational program and received certificate of attendance.

Last but not least, we had best practices & country presentations and poster sessions to share current status, plans, main activities, and innovation policies of each participating institution/city and to network with one another. This workshop acknowledge the importance of cooperative innovation and present the future direction in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Download more photos from the link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xv0cHZtouzKWH9Pu1

Visit U-W workshop websitehttp://uw.wtanet.org/


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