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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2017-10-20 15:30:02
글제목  The 34th WTA executive board meeting takes place in Daejeon to discuss pending agenda

DownLoad : The 34th WTA Executive Board Meeting_results.pdf (347 Kb)  다운 : 317 회

The 34th WTA executive board meeting takes place in Daejeon 

to discuss pending agenda

(Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 11 September 2017) Prior to the 20th anniversary of the World Technopolis Association, executive board members from 9 countries gathered in Daejeon to discuss pending issues and shape the future of WTA.

First, three applicants below were found eligible and approved as associate member.

  - Science & Technology Park for Electronics Research & Industry (STPERI), Egypt

  - Razi Technology Incubator, Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Iran

  - Gombe State University, Nigeria

Second, the board members discussed several proposals to reinforce activities for information exchange among member cities by recommending to link "WTA website" with each member city which will create sense of belongings within WTA network. WTA secretariat will request for members' information and logo to obtain regular updates. Also, the secretariat will create format to develop examples of the "information booklets and case study report" with outside experts. Moreover, WTA will activate personal exchange between member cities and personal dispatching to WTA secretariat. The board will further discuss the detailed actions plans after figuring the demands and plans for budget. WTA will continue to discuss again about this issue at the upcoming General Assembly in 2018.

Third, the board members agreed upon significant changes about the general assembly. The hi-tech fair, which has been separated from the GA since 2009, will be jointly held together with GA to create synergy effect among government, academia and industries, sharing a common overarching goal. In addition, the board also reached to an agreement that two major events of the GA, mayors’ forum and university presidents’ forum should be more extended and inclusive in terms of its size and format by attracting a broad range of stakeholders around the topic.

Lastly, the board discussed the theme of the next year’s forum and GA. All board members agreed to choose ‘smart growth’ as next year’s topic and excited to discover the topic with more depth as a new agenda in the international society.

Download more photos from the link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/S9t3VvtmFYZm5iun2

Download the file to view the results of the meeting and follow-up actions of each agenda in detail.


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