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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2008-04-18 11:14:00
글제목  Dubai Trade to showcase its innovative concept at WTA Techno-Mart

Dubai Trade to showcase its

innovative concept at WTA


Dubai Trade, the innovative online service provider and business facilitator, is taking part in the 5th WTA Techno-Mart being hosted by TechnoPark at the Dubai' s International Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 14-16, 2008.

Dubai Trade booth.


The e-hub will present itself as the provider of highly efficient online concept that enables smooth trade flow effecting qualitative improvement in transactions.

The WTA Techno Mart is aimed at promoting exchange of information on successful experiences from science and technology parks. Members of the WTA, science and technology institutions, local government representatives, representatives from research institutes and science parks and companies specializing in innovation technology will be taking part in the high profile event.

Dubai Trade, which offers online services covering the end-to-end trade supply chain related to Dubai World flagship companies, such as DP World, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Economic Zones World and also Dubai Customs, has adapted technology in a big way to facilitate easy and fast trading interactions between customers and companies.

Mr. Mahmood Al Bastaki, Director, Dubai Trade, said that taking part in the Techno-Mart is a matter of pride for Dubai Trade ' as it provides us an opportunity to show the world how far its online services have enhanced and facilitated trade flow.'

' The online services that we offer have already come in for praise from our partners as well as from end users of the portal. The e-transformation concept we are developing has a huge impact on trade and commerce as it eases the interaction between customers and companies and also saves time considerably. Dubai Trade' s goal is to transform the end-to-end trade supply chain through innovative channels and play a major role in turning Dubai into the best trading and logistics hub in the world,' he added.

Dubai Trade covers the entire supply chain through its online platform built around its highly innovative concept, bringing together the vast majority of businesses interacting with the Ports, Customs, DMCC, and the Free Zone into a single community. The services streamline the trade flow, contributing to Dubai' s economic growth.


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