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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2008-04-18 10:31:00
글제목  Global technological experts converge at 5th WTA Dubai Techno-Mart

Global technological experts

converge at 5th WTA Dubai


The 5th Techno-Mart of WTA, being held in Dubai this year from 14th to 16th April will be the first time the WTA Techno-Mart is being held in the Middle East.

Hamad Al Hashemi, Managing Director TechnoMart.

A state of the industry blueprint for the Middle East' s technology-related growth is to be thrashed out next month as the region' s premium technological institutions and businesses come under the global spotlight at the Dubai Techno-Mart jointly hosted by the World Technopolis Association (WTA) and TechnoPark, the science and technology facilitator of Economic Zones World.

Dubai Techno-Mart will enable WTA member cities, their industries, academia, and research and development centres, as well as cooperative international organisations, such as UNESCO and IASP to exchange new technologies and display hi-tech products and promote investment & contracts.

Hamad Al Hashemi, Managing Director TechnoPark stated ' Innovation for sustainable growth will very much be the order of next month' s event. The Techno-Mart delegate line-up includes prominent industrial and technological experts that will shed light on the future of technology in the region.'

' Looking at the bigger picture, it gives us an opportunity to develop Dubai not only as the core think-tank of the Arab World but also a vital centre that can be relied on for its cutting-edge R&D services that promote long-term sustainable development in regional countries.'

WTA' s powerful three-day conference programme will begin with leading experts probing the state of technological developments across the globe. A key-note address by Dr. Farouk El Baz, Research Professor and Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University will kick-start the event. Dr. El Baz, well-known for his ground-breaking work with NASA will deliver a talk on why countries are aiming to become knowledge-based economies.

Other prominent guest speakers include Luis Sanz, Director General of International Association of Science Parks; Dr. Dieter Fuchs, General Manager of Fraunhofer Institute (FI) Middle East and President of WAITRO; Sookja Han, President of Korean Technology Investment Corporation International; Malcolm Parry, Managing Director of the Surrey Research Park; Michael R. Polcari, President & CEO of Sematech; Dr. Hischam El-Agamy, Regional Director of International Institute for Management Development; and Dr. Paris Kokorotsikos, CEO of Athens Stock Exchange listed Management and Technology Consulting Company Euroconsultants S.A. among many others.

' These eminent experts will identify the region' s emerging trends, new technologies, new innovations, the infrastructure needed to support positive business environment, investor sentiment and the climate for partnerships between businesses and institutions,' Mr. Al Hashemi said.

' What will emerge is a kind of road map for the regional industry to go forward,' he added.

In addition to a technology exhibition, where WTA members will be able to display new technology and products, the Dubai Techno-Mart will feature technology presentation sessions, where businesses from WTA members will be able to share technological advancements with others, and an international workshop featuring case studies, exercises and presentations to enhance the knowledge of technical experts and managers in the Technopolises.

The event will bring together professionals from around the globe to learn the latest technical developments, discuss the challenges facing the region and network with peers to enhance ideas and discussions to drive innovation into the region.
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