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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2008-03-03 11:11:00
글제목  TechnoPark to host World Technopolis Association ' s Techno Mart in Dubai

TechnoPark to host World Technopolis Association' s Techno Mart in Dubai
Author: BI-ME staff
Source: BI-ME
Published: 25 February 2008

UAE. TechnoPark, the science and technology facilitator of Economics Zones World today announced that it’s going to host the 5th Techno Mart of the World Technopolis Association (WTA), being held in Dubai’s International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 14-16 April 2008.

The WTA Techno Mart will provide an opportunity to promote information exchange on research outcomes and successful experiences from science & technology parks as well as focus on the enhancement and building capacity of science and technology for sustainable Technopolis development and regional competitiveness in a global context. Attendees, such as city representatives, research institutes, and businesses will also have an excellent opportunity to showcase new technologies and hi-tech products and to develop meaningful relationships that will ensure sustainable technopolis future.

Abdallah Al Banna, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at TechnoPark said: “We are extremely proud to be hosting WTA’s 5th Techno Mart, which reflects the confidence that the international body has in TechnoPark, our abilities, and in the city of Dubai, which has truly become a symbol of advancement and foresight.”

“A technology exposition of this scale, featuring global technological developments and exchange of know-how is the very spirit of TechnoPark,” Al Banna added.

The event will encompass three main programmes. The first one is the Technology Exhibition which is an exposition for technologies and products to be displayed by WTA members (city governments, institutes), cooperative organisations (UNESCO, IASP), companies specialising in science and technology, businesses (SMEs, venture firms, enterprise), entrepreneurs, R&D institutes, universities, Dubai city and Dubai TechnoPark. The Technology Exhibition will contain the WTA Photo Exhibition as well.


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