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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2005-02-23 10:21:00
글제목  Welcome to the First Issue of the WTA Newsletter

The WTA is proud to announce the commencement of the WTA Newsletter, which will be published monthly starting this issue. With this web-letters, members can share information for mutual cooperation and bring new opportunities to our members and partners around the world.

The WTA Newsletter has 5 sections including WTA News, Eyes on Members, Insights, New Technologies and Products, and Events. The WTA Secretariat welcomes any contribution from not only public officers or professionals from member' s city or university but also any interested individuals or organizations.

We wholeheartedly welcome your participation to make WTA Newsletter serving both WTA and members interest. With the help of advisory board, the WTA newsletter will be edited in view of the WTA publication standard. If you have any article or news to contribute, or any question or comment on the newsletter, don' t hesitate to send your input to us to webzine@wtanet.org. We are eagerly waiting your contribution to make the WTA Newsletter meaningful tool for all of us.

Lee Tai-Suk
Assistant Secretary-General of the WTA
Phone: 82-42-600-2293
Fax: 82-42-471-2319

Sections of WTA Newsletter

1. WTA News
 WTA Major activities, events, news, programs to be acknowledged by WTA Members

2. Eyes on Members
 Introduction of member and associated organizations: universities, science parks, research institutions and industries.

3. Insights
 Introduction of city development strategies through science and technology innovation

4. New Technologies & Products
 Introduction of new technologies and products resulted from universities, research institutes and industries 

5. Events
 Various events held in Member cities, especially international organizations and/or relative WTA performances

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26 WTA 2005-11-14 2912
25 WTA 2005-11-10 3293
24 WTA 2005-09-26 2884
23 WTA 2005-09-01 3055
22 WTA 2005-08-30 2942
21 WTA 2005-08-04 3232
20 WTA 2005-07-28 8804
19 WTA 2005-06-29 3523
18 WTA 2005-05-13 3964
17 WTA 2005-04-14 2991
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