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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2006-07-06 17:32:00
글제목  New WTA President, Daejeon City Mayor, Park, Sung Hyo

New WTA President

WTA Secretariat wishes kindly to inform you that the new Mayor' s inaugural ceremony, Park, Sung Hyo, took place at 10:00 AM on 3rd July 2006 at City Hall with the attendance of many public officials as well as other invited guests, especially this time with one official from Brisbane City Council, who is dispatched to the Daejeon Metropolitan City during May, June, July by the both city' s public officials' exchange program.

Taking this opportunity, it shall be informed that WTA Presidentship of the former

Mayor Yum, Hong Chul' s responsibility will be transferred to the new Mayor, Park, Sung Hyo

It is presently expected that the Mayor Park will attend at the 5th WTA General Assembly to be held during July 26-28 at Brisbane City and will deliver a congratulatory message.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your contribution to the WTA development and wish for your further cooperation with our new Mayor.  

Thank you.

WTA Secretariat.

Here is a new message selected from Daejeon City' s web.


Greetings and welcome to visitors of the Daejeon City webpage!

Daejeon Metropolitan City has the time-honored tradition and unique living culture as a center city of administrative, traffic, and the city of Daedeok Science Town, a cradle for high-tech industry, is located.

You can have a lot of information of active Daejeon in the Daejeon City webpage to understand Daejeon, and you can also experience open electronic municipal administrative service with participating in municipal administrative service and interactions in the webpage.

In addition, We are concentrating on developing various contents for satisfying your request with providing useful information about Daejeon City.

We hope you to have great and useful time in the webpage and have affectionate concerns of our efforts to make ' Daejeon for making citizen happy' with attitude of ‘Active city? ‘Delightful life?and ‘warm-hearted citizen.

Thank you.


Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City
Park, Sung Hyo

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