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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2005-12-08 16:50:00
글제목  Univ. of Dortmund became Associate Member of WTA

University of Dortmund

Became an Associate Memeber effective April 1st 2005.Bild

Let' s gratulate all of us on its membership!  

Shaping the Future through Research, Learning, Connecting

In the west end of Dortmund, just five minutes by regional transportation from the center city, a distinctive new section has grown up in the last three decades. In the university quarter more than 25,000 students of the Universit? t Dortmund pursue their education under the guidance of more than 2,000 faculty members. This section of the city derives its unique character not just from its academic buildings and residence halls; the university quarter has turned out to be a highly desired location for innovative companies. In fact, many Dortmund graduates have begun their careers with a company located in the university' s technology park, some with established companies, and some with companies they started themselves. All these bu sinesses have chosen the site to profit from proximity to the university' s active research and development programs and its friendly attitude to business. Capitalizing on the flexibility that comes with institutional youth, the Universit? Dortmund has de veloped areas of specialization that complement entrepreneurial efforts in the post-industrial economy; at the same time, it has actively pursued cooperation with the business community. The university had the foresight to give special emphasis early on t o such fields of research and development as automation and robotics, systems logic, microelectronics, software development, artificial intelligence and expert systems, and environmental and materials technologies. The result has been nothing short of the transformation of Dortmund.

The result of thirty years of institutional development is a new kind of university, a university that combines the academic excellence characteristic of the traditional German university system with modern commitments to innovativ e teaching and pro-active leadership in the community. Consistent with its mission, the university has from the beginning offered courses of study in traditional programs in the natural sciences, in business and economics, in engineering, and in the socia l sciences. With the incorporation of Germany' s largest teacher training university in 1980, Dortmund broadened its role and created independent departments in the humanities. Many of the new departments have subsequently developed innovative degree progr ams that provide new accents to the rigor of the traditional disciplines. A student/faculty ratio of 19:1, among the best in Germany, assures a productive learning environment at Dortmund.

In addition to the customary degree programs, the department of mathematics has collaborated with economists to design a new course of study in Mathematics for Business and Economics. The traditional sciences at Dortmund include ph ysics and chemistry. In recent years the physics department has developed a new specialization in accelerator physics, which makes use of an electron storage ring test facility, inaugurated in 1994 and known by its German acronym as DELTA. DELTA is a syn chrotron radiation source that will be used by international scientists for basic and applied research. One of the distinctive fields at Dortmund is the degree program in statistics. The first of its kind in Germany, the statistics program prepares its st udents for work in economics, the social sciences, engineering, genetics, and medicine. Computer science organizes its<

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