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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2005-11-10 16:35:00
글제목  UNESCO-WTA Workshop on Science City Governance held in a great success

The 1st UNESCO-WTA  Workshop was held in a great success during November 1~7, 2005 in Daejeon city in the venue of Information and Communications University(ICU) located in the Daeduck Science Town with the participation of 54 persons including lecturers and presenters from 17 different countries. With its success, the international Workshop became a turning point for the future of the WTA.   


Many digniteries from UNESCO representative, Yoslan Nur; the rector of Dortmund university of Germany, Eberhard Becker; the CEO of UK Surrey Research Park, Malcolm Parry etc. to name a few. Not only representatives from the cities which participated from member cities, but also non-member cities such as Namibia and Nigiria and Moroco from Africa continent participated in the Workshop and presented their own situation and visions. 

Main focuses were emphasized on policy and institutional development, mobilization of know-how among colleagues, specializing in no "teachers and students methods. There were 11 different fields and 24 case presentations, sharing cooperative information and promoting mutual benefits among science cities.

During the workshop period, a research institute located in Taipei and the other from Namibia applied to be the WTA memberships, while Turkey and Moroco  participants showed a positive attitude toward WTA membership partners.

UNESCO agreed to establish the UNESCO-WTA Center on Science City Governance in Daejeon City, thereby taking a vigorous stride as the first international Center of its kind. It is presently expected to be officially designated in the Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall within several months.

From now on, in order to develop itself into an exemplary international organization and to realize its goals, the WTA is now pushing ahead with various projects, making efforts to extend memberships across 6 continets to become a leading organization and expanding its internal manpower and  information network among members.   



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