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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2005-08-30 11:31:00
글제목  Positive attitude towards work

Positive attitude towards work
Monday, August 29, 2005


It has often been said that human resource is the greatest asset of an organization. However, the truth is that human resource is only an asset if the people working there have a positive attitude towards work. Too often, organizations have very knowledgeable, well educated, experienced and skillful people but their attitude is negative. In my consulting work with organizations I have found that the attitude of people have a significant impact on their productivity and quality of work. In fact, the true value of leaders lie in their ability to inculcate a positive attitude in their staff and this can be the firm’s key competitive edge in the marketplace.


Revere Work


If leaders want people to have a positive attitude towards work, they need to first respect the work they are assigning others. They must not treat work as if it is a chore to be dumped into someone’s lap and abdicate all responsibilities altogether. They must treat work as an important piece of assignment to develop people and grow them. They must show this in their thinking, words and actions that they respect the work they are assigning others. Truly the privilege to work is a gift. Work provides individuals opportunities to understand themselves and others better. Doing work to serve others provide us to a sense of completeness and fulfillment.


Make Work Fun


Subordinates will more likely to look at work positively if leaders help create an environment whereby work itself is fun. This means allowing others to come up with new ideas. Encouraging people to do things differently. Work should be treated like a game whereby players use their talents to achieve the desired results in a fun and enthusiastic manner.


Provide Meaning In Work


Work should not just be about meeting organizational goals. It should provide meaning to individuals. Work can help individuals develop their self confidence, for example, a young sales executive who learn how to make a good presentation and close a sale. Likewise, it can help one develop courage and self belief. Work provides meaning is not just from the tasks we do but the value it adds to others and their lives.


Make Work A Talent Expression


No one ever achieves great success with

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