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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2005-06-29 13:56:00
글제목  4th WTA Technomart

Welcoming address to the 4th WTA Technomart
participants from Mr. Vladimir F. Gorodetsky, Mayor of Novosibirsk, and Mr. Hong
Chul Yum, Ph.D., President of the WTA, Mayor of Daejeon
Metropolitan City


Ladies & Gentlemen!

On behalf of the cities' executives let us welcome and invite you to the 4th
WTA Technomart scheduled for October 26-28, 2005, in Novosibirsk within the
framework of "SibPolytech"-2005 International Industrial Forum.

Swiftly changing situation in the world economy, industry and science demands
brand new approaches towards finding efficient solutions aimed at solving a vast
complex of issues connected with utilization of pioneer technologies and their
further practical application in different areas of human knowledge.

According to the decision made by the WTA Executive Committee at the 4th
General Assembly held in Uppsala, Sweden, the "treasure of Siberian science" -
Novosibirsk will maintain the tradition in holding this year' s Technomart Forum.

Novosibirsk will become the host place for 46 members of the Association from
17 countries, located worldwide, representing their industrial and scientific
potential. Regional development strategies, further economic growth, information
exchange with respect to new ideas and developments - these are the main topics
to be discussed by the exhibition participants. A number of up-to-date
technological solutions in various fields of science and engineering will be
offered to the exhibition guests - in our opinion they will be of interest to
large enterprises, firms and organizations.

In conclusion we truly
believe that Novosibirsk is the exact place for the 4th WTA Technomart
participants who will unanimously find here common ground on the majority of
issues raised and make plans for further cooperation.

We would like to wish you successful work, interesting and
mutually beneficial contacts.



size=2>Mr. Vladimir F. Gorodetsky
Mayor of Novosibirsk
size=2>Mr. Hong Chul Yum
Ph.D., President of the WTA
Mayor of Daejeon


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