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작성자   WTANET                                           일시 2014-11-26 13:10:54
글제목  WTA events in 2014 successfully held in Daejeon, Korea

From 11th to 14th November 2014, WTA held its events successfully in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. This year, 9th WTA General Assembly and Daejeon Global Innovation Forum was held in association with 11th WTA Daejeon Hi-Tech Fair and 2014 UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop which are WTA’s annual events taking place in Daejeon. Over 800 representatives from local and national governments, academia, and businesses all around the globe participated and had fruitful experiences through WTA events.

WTA held the 9th WTA General Assembly, the biennial flagship event, to share the experiences and knowledge on sustainable development of technopolis and to strengthen partnership among members. In the 26th Executive Board Meeting, there were reports on financial statement for 2013, WTA activities for 2014 and progress of WTR, special reports on DGIF, UNESCO-WTA cooperative projects. 

New membership applications and budget for 2014 have been approved. South Tangerang City of Indonesia selected as the host city of 10th General Assembly in 2016 and also elected as a new Executive Board member. In 9th General Assembly, 11 new members who joined WTA in 2013~2014 were introduced and financial statement and activities of WTA have reported to the members. 

8th WTA University Presidents’ Forum, co-organized by WTA and Chungnam National University, was also held under the theme of “University Specialization and Development of Regional Strategic Industries.”

The inaugural Daejeon Global Innovation Forum took place under the theme “Innovation 4.0: Shifting the Innovation Paradigm toward Creative Economy”. 44 speakers and panellists discussed a whole spectrum of science and technology based innovation for the sustainable regional and national development in keynote speech, 4 plenary sessions and 4 parallel sessions. At the Round table meeting which was the last session of the forum, ‘Communique on 2014 Daejeon Global Innovation Forum’ was adopted and all the participants has pledged to cooperate mutually for the establishment of innovation eco-system in the global context.

11th WTA Daejeon Hi-Tech Fair was held under the theme of “Regional Strategic Industry as a base of Creative Economy.” It was programs such as technology exhibition of 85 hi-tech ventures and SMEs in WTA member cities, technology presentation, 1:1 business meetings, and side events provided beneficial experiences for business representatives from all over the world. This year’s fair produced results of 6 Export MOUs and 412 export consultations worth USD 162 million.

2014 UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop, the annual capacity building program co-organized by UNESCO and WTA , successfully took place with active participation of 205 representatives consists of science and technology policy makers and STP managers from 20 developing countries. Under the theme “Universities and Development of Science City/Science Parks.”, participants had the opportunity to learn, discuss and exchange about the current issues that each STP is facing through 1 keynote lecture, 3 sessions and country presentation.

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