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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2005-04-12 14:21:00
글제목  Getinge Acquires World-Leading Supplier to the Life Science Industry

Getinge Acquires World-Leading Supplier to the Life Science Industry

Friday April 8, 2005, 4:04 pm

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, April 8, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- The Getinge Group signed a binding agreement today to acquire all the shares of the French La Calhene Group of companies.

La Calhene Group is a world-leading supplier of isolators and associated consumables, which account for most of the Group' s sales. La Calhene also develops and supplies electron beam sterilization technology. Most of the Group' s customer base is in the Life Science industry and this corresponds to Getinge' s customer base in the Life Science sector within the Infection Control business area. A smaller part of La Calhene' s business involves equipment for handling radioactive material.

La Calhene reported sales of around EUR 40 million over the last financial year, which ended on 31 March 2005. The Group has around 280 employees, of whom around 200 work at the main plant in Vendome, France. This is also the centre for product development, primary production and the central sales and marketing department. There are sales offices in the U.K. and the U.S., which also manage local, customer-adapted assembly. The Group' s products are represented globally through a network of agents and distributors. Like Getinge, La Calhene sells equipment to most of the world' s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Isolator technology

Isolators are used to protect medicines or medical products from contamination from the surrounding environment, usually during the production process. They are also used to protect people from exposure to dangerous substances. An isolator is a safe, controllable environment. Common applications include enclosure of a filling machine for injectable pharmaceutical products etc.

The technology enables a very hygienic and particle-free production environment to be established at a significantly lower cost than if the entire suite must be made into a clean room. Sophisticated transfer technology is used to transport products in and out of the isolator under safe and sterile conditions. La Calhene' s transfer technology is a patented industry-standard with a global market share of around 60 per cent.

Electron beam sterilization technology

In early 2004, La Calhene acquired the French company Linac Technologies and thus became one of the leading businesses in the market for electron beam accelerator technology. This technology is specially suited for continuous sterilization of disposable medical devices, and there are also applications for the food industry. Linac' s customers are mainly active in the pharmaceutical industry.

Integration and synergies

La Calhene Group will be integrated with Getinge' s Life Science organization within the Infection Control business area. Getinge' s Life Science organization has progressed strongly in recent years and La Calhene will be a considerable boost to the division' s presence in the pharmaceutical industry, especially regarding pharmaceutical production.

La Calhene will gain access to Infection Control' s global marketing organization and the business area forecasts strong growth in volumes in coming years.

Financial effects

The acquisition of La Calhene Group is conditional on the approval of the relevant authorities. Getinge expects to consolidate the business from 1 June 2005.

Both parties have agreed not to disclose the exact acquisition price. The price represents an EV/EBITDA multiple of 7 based on the expected profit for the current year.

Getinge expects La Calhene Group to contribute a profit before tax of around SEK 30 million in 2006 after int

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