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작성자   WTANET                                           일시 2009-07-01 14:12:00
글제목  New Member in June - Handong Global University

New Member in June- Handong Global University
We are pleased to welcome HandongGlobalUniversity as a associate member of the WTA.
HandongGlobalUniversity aiming at emphasizing leadership development, character training and academic excellence was founded in 1995.
It is A Christ-centered place of learning comprised of 11 schools, 10 graduate schools and 1 professional school and is famous for Handong International Law School (HILS), the first American style 3-year international law program (Juris Doctor) in Asia, opened in 2002.
HGU always try to renew for providing its student with innovative educational system.
In HGU, students are accepted without declaring a major. Instead, all students are provided with the opportunity to re-examine their talents and to choose the major that suits them the best. This reformed system is allowing students to refine their personal vision and make thoughtful decisions about their future vocation and career during the first two years. Additionally, at HGU, all students are required to take a double-major. In this system, students are given freedom to choose among all 10 undergraduate departments. For example, a student from the School of Life Science may choose to take Management as the second major in order to gain the ability to effectively manage life science technology.
In related to International Networks, HGU has many international networking and it trying to fosterig International Friendship, Service, Diplomacy and Goodwill
HGU currently holds numerous partnerships with colleges and universities in eight different countries worldwide. Handong is “global” not because we have a global presence, but rather because we help bridge schools and institutions that desire to participate in the rich cultural and educational opportunities at other far away locations. In an age when the Asian continent is taking on greater leadership roles and responsibilities in world affairs, Handong seeks to bridge and guide western universities to the exciting opportunities for training in and for the Asian world. Partner universities have various motives in serving together with HGU, either for missions, cultural awareness, relief assistance or educational objectives. Whatever the reasons for desiring to engage in Asia, many organizations find Handong an ideal partner for their first step into this exotic and oftentimes bewildering continent. Exchange students experience a foreign education system and culture, while earning credits towards their courses at the same time. HGU is part of the Global Engineering Education Exchange (GEEE), the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU-USA), and the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA). Through the Papyrus Basket Foundation, missionaries and NGO workers from all over Asia work with us to locate community leaders, government officials, teachers, scholars and students who would benefit from our educational offering at Handong.
For more detail, please visit the http://old.handong.edu/n_english/main.asp

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