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The term Science Park refers to all property development that is designed to support the clustering of knowledge-based enterprises in order to commercialize science and technology. Science parks aim to foster the development and growth of knowledge-based economies by bringing together scientific research with governmental organizations and their business support and development programmes in one physical location. There are many approximate synonyms for the term "science park", such as: science and technology park, technology park, research park, biopark, technopark, technopolis, technopole, science city, and science town.

Technology Business Incubator is an economic platform designed to help startup companies by providing them with the necessary resources and support that they need to evolve and grow into more mature businesses. The main goal is to generate successful businesses that will leave the programme financially viable and freestanding. These graduates create jobs, revitalize communities, commercialize new technologies and create wealth for local and national economies.

Science Park and Technology Business Incubators supports their tenants by the provision of property services together with: physical infrastructures for business and research; services such as venture capital, legal support, protection of intellectual property; various incentives such as: financial, fiscal and debureaucratization; and good business environment.