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The Global Network of Technopolises for Sustainable and Inclusive Innovation!

In an era of globalization, localization, and internationalization,
the World Technopolis Association (WTA) was established,
aiming to pursue the co-prosperity of the technopolises
by promoting science-and-technology-based regional development and international exchanges.

Through the International Symposium on Science and Technology Cities in 1996 and World Science City Mayors' Conference in 1997,
WTA was officially established at the 1st General Assembly in 1998.

For the sustainable development of a city,
it is necessary to establish a collaborative network
among various innovation actors in the city.
The triple helix model has organically connected
the government, universities, and industries.
Today, we have to encourage the involvement of citizens adopting the quadruple helix model.

Together with 109 members from 48 countries,
WTA is providing a dynamic occasion for mutual learning and exchanging
knowledge and technologies in the international context.
We adopted the WTA Vision 2030 at the 11th General Assembly in 2018.
To fulfill our vision, WTA will develop multilateral cooperation activities
together with our members, partners, and citizens in our cities.
We will work together to promote sustainable and inclusive innovation
in technopolises responding to the rapidly changing environment.

I want to ask for your continued support, contribution, and active participation.

her tae jeong sign

Her, Tae-Jeong
President of the World Technopolis Association
Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City,
Republic of Korea

her tae jeong